We are very happy to have found an amazing venue for this ISTA Level 1 training on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland. The Elontuli Center is in the wild nature of the Karjalohja forest at a beautiful lake with a sauna. It is a center for exploration and has become one of the heart centers in southern Finland.

The energy of the forest around us and the lake is fantastic. We will be able to experience bonfires, the wonderful midnight sun, and enjoy the private sauna that is exlusively for our use at the lake. The water of the lake is extremely pure, and we can take wonderful swimming tours in the lake e.g to the nearest island.

We will sleep in shared rooms, in a fantastic old wooden house surrounded by forest, and fields. Here you can come and breathe pure air, and feel a wonderful quietness, and serenity around you.


Healthy, nutritious vegetarian and vegan food will be available to support our journey. Wherever possible, we strive to use the most natural ingredients available, with an emphasis on sustainability, organic produce, and local sourcing. The buffets will not only meet the nutritional needs, but more than that bring our senses to life with delicious fresh and tasty ingredients. We will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have special diet please inform us about that and we will take it into account as well as possible.

Please visit: for more information.